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Spring Annuals

Annuals, as the name indicates, are plants that live for one season. Most annuals are flowering and bring lots of color to your home and landscape. Spring annuals should be planted after the danger of frost has passed. Contrasting with a lush green lawn, a mass of colorful flowers makes an eye catching display. In addition to mounds of flowers in the ground, baskets hanging from porches, plant hangers or tree limbs look great. Large and small flower pots can be designed and filled with greenery, flowers and vines trailing over the sides. Pots are most often placed on porches, decks and patios but also look great placed among shrubbery beds. You can easily bring a touch of color to to your home with a quick visit to your local nursery. For those non-do-it-yourselfers, the crews at Carter Land Services are experts in designing, planting and placing beds, baskets and pots.