Erosion Control

Erosion control is frequently used in landscaping and construction to keep rock, soil, and plants from loss by water and wind. Controlling erosion is very important, because the loss of plants and soil can irreparably harm the functional and aesthetic value of property. Plants can be very useful because the root system provides a “net” to provide support for the soil and stop it from being blown or swept away.

Sometimes radical types of erosion control are required, especially on sandy or steep slopes with no natural layer of support. Fiber mats placed on top or below the soil can be very effective in order to prevent erosion. More options such as retaining walls can provide support for sand or soil to prevent or reduce erosion. Many times though there isn’t a single best choice and using a mix of varying erosion control techniques is required. Carter Land Services is a Level 1A Blue Card Holder with the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission. Let us work for you to solve the erosion problem on your property. Call us for a free estimate today.