Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures which stabilize and hold soil in order to prevent erosion and soil from moving. Retaining walls must be made sturdy in order to redistribute the lateral pressure forces of sloping ground against it. A typical part of the design is seepage holes that permit excess ground water to flow through the wall. This allows the pressure which is created by this additional accumulated water to be released. This helps keep the wall stable and last for long periods of time.

A wide range of materials may be used when constructing a retaining wall. Concrete and stone are frequently used, and often special blocks manufactured from aggregate materials are created specifically for use in the construction of retaining walls. Some styles interlock, which makes installation easier, less expensive and can be performed in less time. When blocks are joined interlocked, they usually don’t require mortar during the construction process.



While a homeowner could build a retaining wall themselves, it’s wise to have one professionally built. Carter Land Services can design and build your retaining wall. We can give you a free estimate. Just give us a call today.

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