What is a Softscape?

Softscape is the part of a landscape that is alive.  The makeup of a softscape is one of the most important parts of landscaping. Climate is a critical factor when considering the softscape because climate conditions limit the plants which can easily grow within your area.

Many things can be placed within a softscape including trees, plants, vines, shrubs, and ground covering. Within a softscape, some plants may be permanent, like evergreen shrubs and trees that remain consistent throughout the year.  Perennials are often included to add color and texture.  Perennials have a longer life span than annuals which are often added seasonally to add a temporary splash of color.  Arranging these elements and making it visually appealing is what makes landscaping an art form.

A professional landscaper considers the soil condition, evaluates the natural lay of the land, and then designs the landscape using both softscape and hardscape to create a perfect landscape design.